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Milk Recipes
TIP FOR INFANTS: You may need to use a feeder nipple to bottle for some of these recipes, also don’t be afraid to add baby cereal to milk
For breast fed babies.
Mother should consume cod liver oil, hemp seed nut and her favorite form of good fat
For formula fed babies:
Grind hemp seed nut in purified water, use this water mixture once to twice a day with formula (should consume 1/8 of a tablespoon a day)
For more protein throughout the day you can also buy a protein powder of choice and add one half the recommended adult amount into regular formula mix.
Goat’s milk:
Use Mayneberg condensed goat milk (found in the baking isle in some grocery stores, health food/natural food store, or online)(if using farm fresh make sure it is a trustworthy source and fed with good feed, make sure if not pasteurized, pasteurize it yourself at home)
Empty one can condensed goat’s milk into a pitcher
Add three cans worth of purified water into the pitcher
Add one to two tablespoons brown rice syrup into Magic Bullet or blender
Add a tablespoon of hempseed nut into Magic bullet or blender
Add half a cup of purified water into Magic bullet or blender
Add two acidophilus capsules opened up into Magic bullet or blender
Liquefy all items in Magic bullet or blender to the best of your ability
Add this mixture to the mixture in the pitcher
This should be drunk in 2-3 days and then is no longer good. If you find yourself going through it rather quick you may want to double the recipe.
(Little room in the fridge? Cut out three cans of water and turns into a concentrate, also great for flying or traveling. Just add one fourth of mix to three fourths purified water)
This recipe works up to one year old then it needs to be changed to whole milk version by using one can of goats milk to one can of purified water. For concentrate version add half of whole milk mix to half water.

Soy milk one year and older
Start with your favorite brand and flavor of soy milk
Add 2 tablespoons hempseed nut,
2 opened capsules Acidophilus,
1 banana (optional) into magic bullet or blender with soy milk and blend, make 20 oz at a time, or more if preferred and keep chilled

Baby Cereal
* When it comes to baby cereal it is best to choose a brown rice cereal, you will want a feeder nipple or the bottle if you are adding to the milk, which is recommended from birth till off the bottle in every bottle.
* If your child has allergies make sure to check out the ingredients, some baby cereals use whey and other ingredients.
Homemade Cereal Mix
Grind in grinder or Magic bullet all ingredients. Then add and mix together.
2 cups plain rolled oats
1 cup flaxseed meal
1 cup grape nut cereal

Mixing Boxes
I find a lot of times that it seemed to be more cost efficient to mix and using other regular adult cereals together. This is a simple preference thing so be creative with the different grains. Remember trial and error is the best way to learn.
Baby Food
1 ripe avocado (should feel firm with a slight give, not squishy)
2 regular size bananas
½ squeezed lime (or tablespoon lime juice in a bottle)
¼ cup purified water or milk of choice
Puree all ingredients, fill in ice cube trays or small plastic containers and freeze. If in a container without a lid or in ice cube trays transfer and date in baggies.

Same as above but add 1tablespoon Hemp seed nut

Papaya and Banana
1 ripe papaya cubed and steamed, or blanched
4-6 slightly heated bananas (put full banana in skillet and warm)
Puree both fruits adding purified water if needed.
Freeze and store as suggested as above

Wash, peel and core apples, cut into chunks
Add to crock-pot or to pot on stove with an inch of water
Cook on high covered till they are completely soft all the way through
Mash by hand or puree depending on consistency desired (for texture kids puree it)
You can use this for administering enzymes and not worry about added sugars; also it makes a great add in item to any of your other fruit purees.
Apples and Apricots Apples and Mango
Apples and Blueberries Apples and Guava
You can also make pear sauce the same way and mix it with many fruits as well.

Iron Please
1 bag of lentils cooked (sort clean and cook as directed)
Start with 2-3 tablespoons of purified water
¼ teaspoon salt or to taste (season as you so chose)
Puree ingredients
Freeze and store as previously directed
Lentils tend to be a little bland on their own some kids like that and some do not, if your child doesn’t feel free to mix with veggie puree such as sweet potatoes or sweet peas
Veggie Puree
Choose your veggie, cooked in water and oil, steamed, or blanched
Puree the cooked veggie
Freeze and store as suggested as above
Feel free to combine any veggies you feel would be good
Season as your family would season
Taste test

Fruit Puree
Choose you fruit and blanch, bake or steam except avocado and banana which are fine raw
Puree the fruit with either milk or purified water
Freeze and store as suggested above
Feel free to combine any fruits you feel will be good
For added sweetness bananas add good sweetness as well as 1-3 tablespoons honey
Taste test

I will be the one to tell you that you can look up recipes on line and you can follow them to a T but its really simple and to the point. Cook it, and then, puree it. You can get creative or keep it basic. What seems to work the best is when cooking your family dinners make extra of the veggies and consider other foods that you can puree. Also think about how you eat it, if you have sweet potatoes do you butter and brown sugar it? If you have regular potatoes do you butter and salt, butter salt and cheese? Whatever you do, consider making it a puree-able version and turn it into a meal for the baby. A little bit of real butter isn’t horrible, just don’t overdo it; consider olive oil or nut oils and other supplement items to mix with foods to pack an extra punch.

Protein Shakes

Brandon’s Ultimate Protein Shake
¼ to ½ of and avocado
¼ to ½ of a banana (or more if you so choose)
1 tablespoon hemp seed nut (1 tablespoon per 25 pounds)
1-2 quarter size piece shiitake mushroom (no stems)
1 open capsule Acidophilus ( if not added into daily milk)
8 oz milk of choice, fill till full in Magic bullet, or 20 oz mark (if using soy milk I use flavored, not plain)
Put all ingredients into a Magic bullet or blender and liquefy, Enjoy!

Penny Pinching Protein
½ of a banana
Hempseed nut (1 tablespoon per 25 pounds)
8 oz milk of choice
Put all ingredients into a Magic bullet or blender and liquefy

Meal Time
Pappy’s Pancakes
Use the std. amount of pancake mix (I use heart healthy Bisquick mix)
add and mix the following:
(do not add water) I use Vanilla Soy Milk and use 1/4 +/- more than the water that is called for
1/4 cup instant oatmeal
1/4 cup flax meal
1/4 cup vanilla yogurt
1 teaspoon cinnamon +/- to taste
2-3 drops of vanilla extract
1- 2 eggs
Mix until smooth and let stand for a few min. while your cooking device warms up.
This is not a quick cook pancake keep your cooking temp a little lower, take your time and have fun.
I add nuts, fruit and whatever anybody likes to the top once on the cooking surface then lightly spoon more mix on top of the added ingredient before flipping.
Mama’s Grits
1 can of instant grits (cook as many servings as you choose)
½ tablespoon of real butter per servings
½-1 tablespoon honey per serving
1 scoop egg white protein per serving
Serve and enjoy!

Easy PBB&H Pinwheels
1 large wrap (whole grain preferred)
Add peanut butter to wrap
Add 1 tablespoon honey, spread throughout
Lay whole banana on wrap and roll up
Cut into 1 inch pinwheels

My Mac is Packin’
1 package cooked macaroni noodles (gluten free or whole grain preferred)
1-2 packages shredded cheese of choice (I usually go for cheddar or colby jack, you may also use veggie cheese for milk allergies)
1 container cottage cheese (may use tofu crumbled or feta crumbles), add 1-2 eggs and blend with spoon(omit for egg allergy)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Layer noodles, cottage cheese blend, and then cheese into a casserole dish or baking pan, continue to layer until you are out of ingredients.
Place into oven and bake for 20 minutes or till cheese is melted

French Toasty
For 1-2 sandwiches
2 eggs cracked open into a bowl
¾ cup milk of choice (unsweetened) added to bowl with egg
¼ teaspoon salt (or season to taste, I like to use chicken seasoning mix)
1-2 slices non processed cheese of choice (use veggies slices for milk allergy)
2-4 slices bread of choice

Whisk eggs, milk and seasoning in bowl
Heat skillet on medium heat
Dip slices of bread and lay on skillet
Flip when first side is golden brown
When both sides are cooked add cheese on top of one slice and place second slice on top of cheese. Continue to cook and flip if needed like a regular cheese toasty. For texture issues smush bread flat so there will be no soggy center. For toddlers cut into four squares or strips. If your child eats meat consider adding sliced deli meat of choice.

Also great to use extra French toast slices from breakfast into a great lunch or dinner.

When you are cooking have fun and experiment often. Chose necessary staples for your cupboards and keep them stocked. Here is a list of my staples and some of the uses:
• Flax meal: add to meats, add to baking recipes which is directed on packaging, add as a thickener to stews and sauces, also may add to shakes
• Hemp seed nut: add to shakes, beverages, use as a topper to nearly anything(salad, potato, meat, stew, ect), very versatile and great to add to whatever I can
• Egg white protein: add to shakes and hot cereals, add to nearly anything aside from bland flavored foods, unless egg is a appreciated flavor for that dish
• Gluten free pasta: for a quick pasta dish, use anywhere you would use regular pasta
• Gluten free flour mix: use in place of white flour, not only is white flour bad for CF’ers most gluten free mixes have nut and bean flours which add a great amount of protein.
• Xanthium gum: add with gluten free flours per recipe specification
• Tofu: add in place of meat to stir fries and soups(firm), add to shakes in place of yogurt (silken)
• Your families choice of milk: use for drinking, shakes, and other recipes
• Eggs (farm fresh preferred): use as part of your yummy breakfast, used a lot in many recipes
• Olive oil: use for cooking or sprinkling over steamed veggies, add favorite seasoning as a dip for breads or veggies
• Shiitake mushroom: added to shakes, stews, soups, salads, and eaten raw dipped in dip or oil
• Avocado: added to shakes daily
• Banana: added to shakes daily, eaten raw along with breakfast or for snacks
• Papaya puree used to give enzymes and added into shakes, or papaya chewables, serve as enzyme booster and ant- acid
• Acidophilus added to milk or applesauce, if able to swallow pills takes on an empty stomach with water.

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